Glacier Water Company

Providing workable solutions for an inspiring vision

Let’s talk about something that truly matters: Water!


Billion litres of high quality mineral water melt into the Greenlandic ocean every single day.


Metric tons of water, transported per voyage, from our Greenland loading site to harbours across the world.


We own one of ten licenses worldwide granted by the Parliament for the exploitation of glacier water under the Greenland Parliamentary Act No.11 of 27th November 2018.


The water quality is constantly monitored by the Geologic Bureau of the Government of Denmark & Greenland.


Our fleet operates according to the greenest circular transportation standards, the lowest possible emissions and the lowest possible use of fossil fuels.


We combine expertise across industries such as shipping, logistics, beverage, and strategic entrepreneurship to transferring a vision to a commercially compelling solution.

We believe in bold visions and workable solutions. 

Transporting water from melting glaciers on one side of the earth to those who need it on the other side is no longer a vision, it’s a solution we are excited to share with you.

GWC owns one of the ten licenses granted worldwide to exploit the 7.6billion litres of high quality mineral glacier water that melt into the sea every day, contributing to rising sea levels and influencing the fragile balance of our oceans. 

For the last 1.5 years we have worked together with professionals across industries such as shipping, logistics, beverage, and strategic entrepreneurship to be able to propose a sustainable approach to the logistical challenges connected to utilising this licence commercially.

The Greenland government has developed a water quality label. The logo of the label guarantees that the ice and water exporter complies with all regulations and requirements in accordance with the Greenland ‘Exports of Ice and Water Act’ and guarantee a high quality product.

GWC is a Private Limited Company incorporated in the Netherlands, providing workable solutions in terms of logistics, storage, and distribution to private and public entities worldwide.

Run by experienced and committed professionals, with access to a large network.

GWC is connected to Tamatta, a foundation that uses parts of our proceeds to invest into projects benefiting our planet and the people on it. 

A word on the vision

In all that we do, our goal is to stop the waste of water through intelligent processes and inspired commercial projects while using an important part of the proceeds to enable global projects to end water scarcity and support a sustainable economy. 

To that end, we partner with Tamatta, a foundation with the prime objective of converting melting glacier water from Greenland into projects benefiting our planet and the people on it. 

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What GWC does

Our role is to use the license granted by the Greenlandic Parliament to facilitate sustainable commercial projects around all aspects connected to the use of glacier water.

What Tamatta does

With the support of GWC, Tamatta leads projects both in Greenland and globally with the objective to end water scarcity and support social and economical projects related to using water for good.

Talk to us about your vision.


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